Gaui 500X Quadcopter Kit

Gaui released their first quadrocopter in 2010 and have already established themselves as an leader when it comes to high quality rc quadcopters.

The Gaui 330X-S was well received by the RC community as a solid device that was simple to assemble and fly.
The Gaui 500X Quadflyer is the 330's big brother and make no mistake, this is a workhorse. With a payload capacity of up to 2,2Kg (that's 4,4 pounds!) it is the perfect model if your looking for a stable platform for aerial photography or video! 
There are already multiple camera mounts available for it.
The stability of the 500X is inherited from the 330, it comes from the GU-344 quadflyer gyro an unbeatable three-axis stabilizing system.

500X Frame

The 330X-S design was based on UAV designs and it certainly shows in the 500X, the collapsible frame makes sure any damage from impacts are greatly reduced and it has excellent wind resistance which comes from the efficiency and loads of the propellers.
Using a high capacity battery a flight time of over 20min can easily be achieved.

500X Kit Parts

It comes delivered as a kit but the instructions are fairly simple and build time should be no more than 1,5-2 hours, if you have any experience with RC gear.
The kit comes with 4 Scorpion brushless motors, blades , 4 ESC and a protection frame which comes in handy indoors, in thight spots or for those first few test runs.

You will also need a RC transmitter, of all the 2,4Ghz transmitters available right now, the Aurora 9 is probably the best you can get for under $500. It's on sale at for $344.18, down from the normal price of $659.95! It's the only radio you'll need for a long time, easily reprogrammable from helis to quads and planes, features 5.1 inch touchscreen and is very easy to navigate and configure your setup with.

At $529,00 from amazon the Gaui 500 can seem a bit pricey if your just looking for a toy (your better of going for the Parrot AR Drone), but if you have plans of attaching a payload, use a GPS system or generally use it in a professional setting, it's the most bang for your buck your going to get for quite some time.

The 500X quality and specs are more than comparable to custom built quadcopters costing from 10,000$ and up.

What are you waiting for?


  1. Already bought it. Using it with GoPro HD, excellent quality footage. The 500X is totally worth the money if you have use for it, I shoot extreme sport events.

  2. This Gaui 330X-S - Kit version has interesting and amazing features.... and also have excellent shape...... One of the best things about this model is the wide variety of styles and models that are available......Read more