Blade mQX Quadcopter

The Blade mQX is a fantastic new quadcopter from Blade Helis.

It is a tiny high tech flyer with incredible speed and  maneuverability. Weighing in at just 75grams (2.65oz) it is still strong and stable enough to be flown both in and outdoors even in breezy conditions. It's ultralight frame makes sure any damage from crashing is kept at a minimum.

The mQX is the best "intro level" out there right now, it's easy to fly and requires no assembly, just charge the battery and take off!

It's 8.5mm brushless motors gives it great speed and a 3-axis stabilizing system makes the controls feel extremely precise.

The Blade mQX comes included with a standard 500mAh battery a charger and you can buy it with or without the transmitter, an E-Flite MLP4DSM 4-channel DSM2.
The controller is a standard spectrum stick radio (it does however have audio signals on the trim, to tell you what increment your on), more than enough to control the mQX, but if your looking to upgrade to a more serious quadrocopter later (like the Gaui 500X), buying a real transmitter like the Aurora 9 right away, is preferable.

The battery gives around 15 minutes flight time per charge thanks to the ultralight build.
Don't be afraid to let your son or little brother try it out, it can take quite a few crashes without breaking, but the propellers can of course break/bend and Blade has included spares in the box.

For a total of $240 with the transmitter or $194 without, this is a steal considering how much fun you can have with it, powerful motors makes it able to perform tricks only seen by expensive nitro aircraft and it's durability ensures it can survive even the handling of 12 year old boys.