Aerial Photography

Getting started with aerial photography and video has never been easier, the onslaught of affordable RC helicopters and especially RC Quadcopters has made it possible for even rank amateurs to get a good platform for their aerial goodness.

The costs of using full sized aircraft for photo/video is prohibitively expensive in most cases. Be it photos for real estate agents, video for a tourist attraction etc..
And as the cost and difficulty of operating RC flyers capable of lifting good quality cameras has dropped, it has created a niche market for RC pilots with their "rigs".

A popular "standard" RC helicopter for aerial photo is the T-REX 600 a 3D heli with lots of mounts and mods available. 

Quadcopters are the perfect platform for this, the extra propellers gives extra lift and stability ensuring a smooth ride.
Of all the RC Quadcopters out there one of the most popular ones is the unbeatable Gaui 500X, it's low price tag and excellent performance makes it a perfect choice for your first serious platform.

It has ample lift capability and quite a few custom mounts exist already, for instance:


GoPro Hero2 - The Perfect Camera for AP

What can Aerial Photography/Video be used for?

  • Photo and video for real estate agencies
  • Photo and video of tourist attractions
  • Video for commercials or movies
  • Covering sporting events
  • Stock photo and video (Good nature footage sells easily on "stock" sites)
  • Powerline inspection
  • Search and rescue
And a whole lot of other things, even just for fun! A lot of people attach cameras to their aircraft to be able to fly in first person view (FPV) using a camera such as the GoPro Hero2 and FPV goggles for direct video transmission.

You can also take it a step further by attaching the camera to a motorized gimball mount and utilizing a head tracking system, move the camera by moving your head around!

The sky is the limit(pun intended)!


  1. "move the camera by moving your head around"

    nerdgasm. but seriously, those goggles... lol.

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  3. One of the major uses of this machine is aerial photography as quadcopters are more established and can fly at one place for long time with less vibration then plane or helicopters.